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Steve Olson's Background Makes Him Asset to City Council

POSTED:   02/15/2017 08:41:07 PM MST

I am very happy to see that Steve Olson is running for the open seat (Ward 3) on the Loveland City Council. I have known Steve as a neighbor and a friend for the 13 years that I have lived in Loveland and know that he is eminently qualified for this open position.

Steve has an extensive background in finance and public service. His extensive experience in leadership, management and senior advisory positions makes him uniquely qualified to serve the city of Loveland in the City Council.

I like the possibility of adding a seasoned financial view to the council. I know that Steve will be a "voice of reason" for all these grand projects (ex. HP building purchase, downtown parking garage, movie theater, etc.) which cost the city millions of dollars with negligible returns.

Loveland needs to be open to business ideas and dynamic in supporting it growth but we need vision and pragmatism for when and how we decide to "fund" ideas. Throwing money at projects without a viable plan because it "sounds good" is a quick path to financial insolvency. We need substance to these plans, not just hope. Steve brings a conservative view on budgeting and can ask the tough questions when these ideas are floated before the council.

I am voting for Steve Olson for the Ward 3 opening and hope that you are too. We need his expertise.

John Felicelli

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