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Steve Olson won't bring agenda to City Council

POSTED:   04/05/2017 10:36:32 PM MDT

Less than a year ago, I wrote about Hugh McKean running for Colorado House District 51.

He won, and now we are having an election to replace him on City Council. The deja vu is incredible!

There are three candidates. Steve Olson is my clear choice. As always, I look for longevity and service to Loveland, but in this race, there is more — personal agendas.

Steve Olson has lived in Loveland for 20 years, served the Planning Commission, the Citizens Finance Advisory Commission and more. He is all about Loveland, period, no agenda. Steve has the experience and temperament to serve the citizens of Loveland with distinction, just as he did as a captain in the Navy for 29 years.

The second candidate has lived in Loveland a little over a year and is the interim pastor at the downtown Presbyterian Church. He is championing a movement to put a mental health/rehab facility in south Loveland, and positioning himself to be the director.

The third has lived in Loveland for a little over a year, and has a business growing hemp/marijuana, both of which are still federally illegal.

Agendas? You better believe it. Steve Olson is the only choice.

John Fogle


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