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Steve Olson has expertise needed for City Council

POSTED:   04/09/2017 07:41:01 PM MDT

I have known Steve Olson for over 10 years, and I have found him to be a man with a fine mind and a kind heart. Those qualities, along with Steve's commitment to this community, will make him an excellent member of the city council. Steve has dedicated himself to serving his neighbors and volunteering for the betterment of Loveland by working on the Planning Commission and the Citizens Finance Advisory Committee. His expertise in business, his financial background, and his leadership in the Navy all contribute to a man who is willing to consider possible solutions, work hard to understand, reason them through, and then persevere to see solutions become reality.

Steve also has the grace and self-control to debate the issues with respect while maintaining the foundations of his own convictions. He doesn't seek the spotlight, but seeks to honor and serve others first. He will listen, consult, work thoroughly to understand, and formulate well-thought-out opinions.
I believe Steve Olson is extremely qualified to serve our city in this open council position.

Gary Glover

Committee to Elect Steve Olson
1668 McKenzie Ct. | Loveland, CO 80537
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