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Steve Olson Has Background, Skills to Serve

POSTED:   03/04/2017 09:56:06 PM MST

I highly recommend Steve Olson for City Council, Ward 3, but my reason goes beyond what we have all been reading in the Reporter-Herald.

I have known Steve for five years and know that he has excellent leadership, educational and professional qualifications to serve the citizens of Loveland on the City Council. But, the key word here is "serve" and Steve knows and understands what that means.

Long before Steve was a U.S. Navy captain and a CPA he was a U.S. Navy corpsman serving his country and providing for the medical needs of Navy and Marine Corps personnel in Vietnam. Steve and I are both Vietnam veterans.

The Navy recognized Steve's ability and commitment. He went to college, graduated and went on to a very successful Navy career as an officer in the medical field where he continued to serve his country and others. I know Steve will bring that same ability, commitment and willingness to serve to the Loveland City Council.

Terry Willert

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