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Olson is Most Qualified to Fill Council Vacancy

POSTED:   02/22/2017 11:48:32 PM MST

Reference the upcoming City Council election to fill the vacant Ward 3 seat. I've recently has the privilege of engaging, questioning and conversing at length with Steve Olson, one of three candidates vying for the Ward 3 seat.

Dialogue with Steve Olson quickly reveals many outstanding facets. This guy runs deep, very deep, with qualifications and thinking that penetrates problems, issues, values and morality.

Particularly impressive is Steve Olson's financial expertise and background. Olson comes with a wide range of leadership, management and advisory positions. The Loveland City Council is no place for newly arrived council wannabes with nearly zero economic knowhow.

The Ward 3 voters would be very astute in placing Loveland's well-being into Steve Olson's qualified mind.

Daryle Klassen

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Committee to Elect Steve Olson
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