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Letter: Olson Will Bring Commitment to the Job

POSTED:   02/28/2017 11:49:34 PM MST

Steve Olson is a neighbor and will be very good as a city councilor for Ward 3.

I have lived in this ward for 33 years. I met Steve about 10 years ago when we both attended meetings about our government. I am very favorably impressed with his knowledge of the workings of our city government. His work on the Loveland Planning Commission is good experience for his becoming a city councilor.

Of his five major commitments, I most support his commitment to fiscal accountability. It seems that sometimes our elected officials are too easy to persuade to spend more money that we have and then try to increase taxes to cover the shortfall that they created.

Please join me in supporting the most qualified person to be our Ward 3 councilor, Steve Olson.

Jim Adell

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Committee to Elect Steve Olson
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